The World Tour Of The Martial Arts

Serial of 12 documentaries 26 min & 6 episodes 52 min 2009

An original series, dynamic and rich in information the series takes you on a world tour of the martial arts exploring the links between culture, history of the country and the continent in which each art was born.

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Portrait Of Africa

Short Program 32 episodes of 4 min, Filmed in Africa 2010

This series  through the portrayal of  athletes, exceptional men and women takes you to the cultural heart of African countries. Short and timeless portraits and timeless to discover original  unknown talents.

Welcome To

Documentary 6x52 min HD Filmed 2013

With this documentary series you will go on a trip around the world, exploring such diverse destinations as Burma, the Philippines, Greece, India, Italy and La Martinique. This trip will show us the practice of traditional sport in these countries, there culture, and history. This is an opportunity to discover the richness of their traditions.

On the Steps of Guru Nanak

Documentary 52 min HD Filmed in Pakistan 2013

Leave to the discovery of the last great monotheistic religion that was born in the 15th century in the Punjab region. We go on the trail of the first spiritual master of the Sikh religion "Guru Nanak".

Sumo Tokyo Connection

Documentary 40 min HD Filmed in Japan 2012

Follow the sumo in Japan. For an exclusive visit to the famous sumo beya in Tokyo “Takanohana beya”. This sumo club is very popular in Japan for the quality of is wrestler

Irezumi The Japanese Art Of Tattoo

Documentary 52 min HD Filmed in Japan 2013

Journey to the land of the Rising Sun, to discover a centuries old fascinating culture of the tattoo art. This voyage will take us to Japan, the heart of this ancient art.

The Turban, The Identity of the Sikhs  

Documentary 52 min Filmed in France and India 2004

A direct consequence of a law passed in France that forbids  wearing of religious symbols public places, Sikh boys had to remove their head gear in schools. This documentary investigates the meaning of this symbol of religious affiliation. Sikhism, the 5th  monotheistic religion in the world, with more than 22 million followers.

A Man Of Projects, Projects For Humanity

Documentary 52 min Filmed in France and Romania 2005

Portrait of the French Committee for Relief of Children through the man who gave it a second life, Hugh Renaudin, its president. Visionary, determined  this man lives to empower children to take charge of their destiny. An utopian at the service of reality.

Gottfried Salzman The Water Painter

Documentary 26 min Filmed in France 2008

Discovering the secrets of the watercolor with one of his last craftsmen, master of a technique that allows the transmission of a unique sensitivity is one of the twelve episodes of our series on the “savoir faire“ (know-how) and knowledge of traditions that make France a model of the “art de vivre “ in the world.

Christmas in Pakistan

Documentary 52 min HD Filmed in Pakistan 2012

We will follow several families belonging to the Christian minority in the preparation of the Christmas festivities. We will see them in their daily religious practices